FERAX Sp. z o. o., the owner of the GATTA brand, is a leading manufacturer of hosiery and clothing in Poland, with one of the largest and most modern factories in Europe. The company, which launched in 1993, continues to successively develop its product offer and maintain a leading position on the Polish market in introducing product and technological innovations, while respecting the highest quality standards.

The company’s operations are guided by the principles contained in ISO 9001:2000, and its main goal is to create women's clothing and lingerie hat will be modern, fashionable and safe. The women's clothing we offer is certified. Their quality and safety are confirmed by certificates such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100. It uses the highest quality yarns with special properties, giving women's clothing unique features, e.g. increased resistance to running and damage, graduated compression - supporting circulation, or shaping, correcting the silhouette. In addition to a wide range of hosiery, the brand is gradually expanding its offer with products worn close the woman's body: classic and functional lingerie, everyday sportswear and thermal clothing.

It conducts extensive promotional activities building a strong market position, and the world of fashion is an area where GATTA successfully competes with well-known Polish and European brands.



This means specialized production and external purchases, focused on margin products, innovative in terms of design and materials. Building a new image of the brand as a specialist company in the field of hosiery, lingerie, corsetry and "close to the body" clothing.


GATTA's mission is to create and deliver clothes that will make women feel comfortable and look beautiful. We strive to make our women's clothing unique in terms of quality, functionality and style.

When creating our offer, we focus primarily on:

  • originality
  • comfort
  • naturalness
  • modernity
  • innovations


The company started back in 1993 with the purchase of the first knitting machines for the production of tights. From the very beginning, the plant was focused on development through investments in modern machinery, increasing production capacity and employing qualified staff.

In 2003, it already employed 800 people and had 440 hosiery machines along with the necessary equipment to conduct hosiery production in a closed cycle from raw material to finished and packaged product. Thus, it became the leading manufacturer of hosiery in the country and increasingly well-known and recognized on foreign markets.

In 2004, the factory expanded its profile with the production of seamless lingerie using the innovative seamless technology. That same year, it launched its first own brand stores - opening in the largest shopping malls in the country.

In the years that followed, starting in 2005, it continued to develop its operations, invest in modern machinery and IT systems, and expand its product offer to include children's hosiery, seamless and sports clothing.

Increasing the number of product categories allows us to successfully increase our market share and reach new groups of customers.

In its 30 year history GATTA has received the Consumer's Golden Laurel numerous times, one of the most important distinctions on the Polish market and awarded by consumers themselves for the best and most popular products. It has also won awards and distinctions in competitions for innovation and excellent quality. Its products are recognized in Poland as well as abroad. The company also boasts the prestigious title of Superbrands 2016/17 and Created in Poland Superbrands 2017/18. In addition, in 2015, based on market research, Gatta was named the 2015 High Reputation Premium Brand.


Gatta’s products include hosiery, classic and corset lingerie, swimwear, seamless and fashion cut clothing, as well as sports and functional clothing. It is divided into several basic lines:

Gatta Classic - a wide collection of classic tights, stockings, knee-highs, comfortable socks made of polyamide with the addition of elastane;

Gatta Trendy - seasonal collections of tights, stockings and socks; rich in patterns and various motifs, e.g. floral, geometric in line with current trends;

Gatta Beauty - a line of modern tights with special properties that perform specific functions. Thanks to the use of special technologies, depending on the model: they shape the silhouette, cool, improve circulation in the legs, support the fight against cellulite, and are also ideal for pregnant women;

Gatta Bodywear - a collection of women's lingerie clothing created for the perfect appearance and well-being of women. Divided into the following lines: basic, i.e. clothing created using the most advanced seamless technology and delicate yarns with excellent performance properties, and trendy - seasonal collections of clothes designed in accordance with the current fashion.

Gatta Shape Line - functional lingerie, shaping and correcting the silhouette.

Gatta Intimate - a systematically expanding offer of corset lingerie - from classic models to very sensual and soft erotic. It is available in many sizes and colours.

Seasonally, for several years now, it has been offering Swimwear - one-piece and two-piece models, in various cuts, in a very wide range of sizes

Gatta Thermoactive - sportswear with exceptional thermal properties, addressed to physically active people;

Gatta Cottoline - a collection created for the youngest customers: cotton tights, socks and knee-highs; The cotton collection is resistant to stretching and high temperatures. This makes the collection resistant to repeated washing and very hygienic. Cotton clothing is comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Recently, the company has started to offer ecological women's clothing collections: the Simplicity, Care-u collection. The clothing and lingerie in this collection is made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen, viscose, and tencel. There is also a line of Q-eco hosiery made from recycled yarns.


The brand's extensive sales network is the result of operating in many distribution channels.

GATTA has a wide commercial offer dedicated to individual market sectors, diversified in terms of products and prices.

One of the main distribution channels is wholesale, cooperation in the B2B area. The brand has several patron wholesalers and authorized distribution centres, offering a wide range of hosiery and lingerie products. For several years now, it has been working closely with large retail chains such as Biedronka, Rossmann, Kaufland, Lidl, and Dino.

GATTA also operates in the area of B2C sales. It has its own network of 120 brand stores throughout Poland, combined with a thriving e-commerce business. Everything is supervised by an experienced sales team and a modern management system that improves work and guarantees fast service.


FERAX operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 system. It is an international standard specifying the requirements that an organization's quality management system should meet. All these requirements are met, and annual audits are a confirmation of maintaining high standards.

The quality of the women's clothing offered is guaranteed with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label, which confirms the quality and safety of the ingredients used in production, that they do not contain any harmful substances and heavy metals that are a threat to health. FERAX is one of few companies that holds this certificate for final products and for all raw materials used.

Another very important certificate related to the company's eco-friendly activities is the GRS - Global Recycled Standard. It is an international, voluntary standard that defines the requirements for the certification of recycled fibres. The aim of the GRS program is to increase the use of recycled materials while caring for the environment, social conditions, or controlling the chemicals used that are safe for humans and the environment. GRS certification is for products that contain at least 20% recycled material. The GRS certificate is based primarily on the product’s chain of custody. This means that in order for the final product to be sold as certified, GRS requirements must be met at every stage of raw material acquisition and processing. Starting from the recycling stage, through processing, and ending with trade. Certification applies to the production of textiles and paper. To receive this certification, Ferax had to meet the following criteria:

  • ensure the traceability of recycled materials throughout the supply chain
  • meet environmental criteria
  • social criteria
  • requirements for the use of chemicals


In its 30 year history, FERAX has gained extensive experience in the knitting industry, mainly in the production of women's clothing and lingerie. It has an extensive research, development and implementation department, with a modern laboratory equipped with devices allowing for constant quality control, with its own dye house and a highly qualified team of technologists and designers. The team constantly improves its qualifications, keeps track of technological and design innovations, supervises the current production of women's clothing, develops new products, formulas, and also follows the latest trends on the fashion market. It is thanks to this that FERAX is the undisputed leader on the Polish market in introducing product and technological innovations.

Long-term cooperation with LYCRA® and other leading manufacturers of yarns for the textile industry gives the company access to all novelties and innovations in the knitting industry. The result of this are its successful products – women’s lingerie and clothing. As one of the first manufacturers in Poland, FERAX used the 3D TECHNOLOGY in the production of women's tights, which gives the products exceptional flexibility and fit, as well as a velvety feel. It introduced to the market hosiery products resistant to so-called running, made using the LYCRA® Fusion technology. Another success is the use of LYCRA Xceptionelle - this is another revolutionary technology developed by LYCRA®. Thanks to it, having a modern machine park, it is possible to produce hosiery in very large sizes without the use of the so-called panel gusset, with a special construction of the panty part. It is a very friendly solution for plus size women. Another novelty are anti-cellulite tights made of innovative FIR (INFRARED) yarn, which were created using a unique technology combining a mineral additive with the structure of the yarn.

FERAX has one of the largest machine parks for the production of women’s seamless lingerie and clothing. It manufactures products using the seamless technique from natural (wool, cotton), mixed (viscose, miyabi) and synthetic (polypropylene, polyamide) fibres.

This enables the production of women’s THERMO underwear - which ensures thermal comfort in all weather conditions. It is perfect for the autumn and winter for physically active people who practice sports, both as a hobby and professionally.

One of the latest projects (under public procurement) is the creation of underwear for uniformed services and professional groups working in extreme weather conditions or requiring special protection. They have special properties, e.g. they protect against insects, mosquitoes, or ticks, they have special hydrophobic and antibacterial coatings, and they are made of special yarns such as Coolmax, Thermocool, or Prolen-Siltex.


In 2015, GATTA was the first company in Poland to produce women's BIO-ECO TIGHTS - tights made of EVO ecological yarn, partly consisting of the production-plant waste of castor bean, from which castor oil is obtained. To produce this yarn, technology was used to reduce CO2 emissions by 7 kg per 1 kg of yarn.

The brand continues to work in this direction, considering that nowadays ecology is not only fashionable, but also needed. Modern and technologically advanced companies producing fibres and yarns rely on used raw materials to limit the degradation of the natural environment. Together with the Fulgar company, GATTA is involved in these activities and, while taking care of the planet, offers a line of Q-ECO women's clothing made of ecological Q-nova fibres obtained from recycling. The ecological aspect of women's clothes from this line results from the production process used, which ensures lower water consumption and lower CO2 emissions per kilogram of yarn produced and the use of recycled raw materials. In addition, the brand also invests in the production technology itself, which reduces water consumption, saves energy, and uses environmentally friendly dyes.

In 2021 the company received its GRS certification. The Global Recycled Standard is an international standard that defines the requirements for the certification of recycled fibres. The aim of the GRS program is to increase the use of recycled materials while caring for the environment, social conditions, and controlling the chemicals used that are safe for humans and the environment. To obtain this certificate, the company had to undergo a very restrictive audit and have a separate production section dedicated to production in accordance with the GRS rules.

Receiving this certificate means that FERAX meets all standards and requirements and offers women's clothing that is made of at least 20% recycled material.


„FERAX” sp. z o.o. under restructuring with its head office in Zduńska Wola

ul. Szadkowska 4/6

98-220 Zduńska Wola

Register of Entrepreneurs: Company registered by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number: 146595

NIP (Tax Identification Number): 829 100 42 47

REGON statistical number: 731591400

Share capital: PLN 4,656,000.00 (15 July 2022)

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